Ever find that when it rains it pours?

However, when things are good, they’re really good?

So are you stuck for money right now? Do you NEED more?

So what’s the universe seeing here? Cause don’t forget how this thing works – like attracts like so it’ll send you more of that energy you’re sending out!

If you feel LACK – that’s what you’ll continue to feel.

You get money (earn it or whatever), use it (bills/expenses/life) and then you need more. You seem to be STUCK every time before your next pay cheque arrives. It’s like a cycle.

So if it feels like a cycle – that’s exactly how it’ll stay!


Think about some time when you had enough, more than enough and you were at ease about money. Then more money manifested. Just at the time when you didn’t really need it! Just typical isn’t it!

Think about it though – what were you feeling about money when more manifested?

Ease, security- I’m ok for money now, Money’s not a worry now

Look at those feelings – when you felt that way, the universe gave you more of it!

You didn’t NEED it but you had sent out a rocket of desire.

The universe delivered, but looked for that little crack of NO RESISTANCE which came when you felt at ease!

Think of the word resistance – you’ve no struggle going on, no conflict, and no opposition. You’re friends with money! The word ‘money’ doesn’t make you quiver!



You may think you are or like to think you are because you want more – and you want it now!

You’re knocking on the door asking asking asking – pleading for more.

You’re stuck in the asking phase!

So if you’re there – YOU’RE NOT READY!

But you can get ready to be ready!



Sort things out the best way you can. Don’t be in the dark about your situation – be clear about it and what you need.

Can you cut out some expense/luxury for a while to ease things up?

Can you earn any more by doing extra hours or some extra work?

Can you sell something?!

Can you even (last resort) borrow a small amount to get you to a point of ease and up to date with everything? Remember, if you’re doing this to make sure it doesn’t get you into a deeper hole – you still need to cut something down in your budget to smooth out the future.

Have a look at tips online that can help you – sometimes it’s just that you’re not managing things right and this is messing up your head.



Once you’ve sorted things best you can- FEEL THE EASE

Feel the feelings that go with that. Everything is ok and will be. Now forget about money and move on. Go live your life- go tend to those wonderful things you like doing. There’s a full stop after ‘sort out money’ on your to do list now – it’s done. Do keep an eye on it and know that you’re in control but YOU CAN DO IT.

Once you feel you can do it, you’ll feel an ease about money like never before.

Don’t you think these feelings will make you more READY than ever before?

Universe sees you at ease with money- you’re sending out that energy- you feel secure, you feel powerful – you’re doing well managing your situation.

Like attracts like…



Be in harmony with yourself- which means ‘agree with yourself’.

Don’t just grab that chocolate bar, knowing that you’ll feel like crap after eating it because you’re on a diet.

What would make you feel good about yourself? Take that path.

Watch how you’ll smile at yourself! You’re in line with your inner being. You’re doing WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! Not what your mind thinks you want. Remember, you have control over your actions. Do the things you really want – the things that will make you feel good?

If you feel you’d love some chocolate and you’re not watching the calories – hey go get one! IF YOU REALLY WANT! Just be nice to yourself – be as nice to yourself as a good mother would be to her child. Do what’s best for yourself and feel satisfied and content with what you’re doing.




Chill out


POSITIVE reinforcement in your own mind is powerful – motivation, confidence, enthusiasm! So soothe yourself and be nice to yourself.


Once the universe catches your energy, you’ll see the magic again!

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