The frequency for attracting money | Bust through resistance!

I am writing this post based on personal experience. I am a regular “Abraham Hicks” listener and find her advice invaluable no matter how many times I hear the same message. Magic has happened since I came across her teachings and she puts it all so simply.

Whether you’re a fan or not, read on. I will tell you how to manifest money and how to stop the burden of worrying about it.

I did this yesterday… had a manifestation this morning! I have done it before and I plan to do it again! Not only writing this post to help others, but also so that I’ll remember how I did it myself!

Let’s begin…


So you can’t seem to concentrate…on anything! Your mind is elsewhere but you’re not sure what’s wrong – because you can’t focus. You want to change your vibration immediately but hold on… you can’t get there from there! Let’s try and figure out what the resistance is first so that you can beat it and get on the frequency for attracting money!

Sit down. This is important. You need to figure out what your resistance is. Is money consistently on your mind? How are you going to pay that bill? What will you do when it comes to next month? Etc etc…

Ok so money is worrying you. Now you’ve figured out your resistance – can you see? This is BLOCKING EVERYTHING! Well how dare it! You say ‘but it is, I can’t be happy when I’m short of money, it’s a constant worry… ‘

Ok, ok I’m with you. I understand and I’ve been there. But in order for the manifestation to come you have to align with the vibration that will allow it. This vibration you are in – the worry zone- will not result in anything! 


Say if you’re sitting at your desk, adding up this and that- checking this and that – where will it get you? Fair enough it might gain you a little clarity. But leave it at that. Walk away when you’ve worked it all out… no matter how bad the situation is.


Are there other things you need to get done today? I bet there are. Well go do them. Make sure they are things that make you happy.

What are the things you want to do that you won’t do because of a lack of money? Now this is a good time to make a list. Now on that list, how many of those things don’t require money?

make a list

If you’re going to tell me they all require money, sit down and make that list again. This list is a list of all the things you want to achieve- your goals, your desires… not just things you want to “buy” or “pay for”.


Start with a simple task. Something around the house. Is there some de-cluttering job that you really want to get done but can’t seem to find the time? A job that you know you’ll feel better after….  Make the time. Just do it. Stand up and go and do it. Put on some uplifting music while you do it.

While you’re working away, say to yourself – ‘everything is always working out for me…’… ‘we’ll work it out”… “I don’t need to worry about it this red hot minute- it won’t solve the problem…”. Remind yourself that you feel “relief” now – how does it feel to be “relieved”? 

You’ve been thinking, ok well if I had more money, I’d be able to clear my bills, clear some debt, buy this and that… but also on your list- look at all those other things you want – happiness, organisation, clarity, feeling good, feeling vibrant…


Imagine that everything is going to be fine (because it really is)- you have to believe this. How can you make yourself believe this? Well it’s the truth! It will definitely be alright if you push through this wall and get on with it. Smile, laugh, chill out… just let go and say “oh that… I’m not going to worry about that now – it’ll be fine… right now I’m here doing this.”


Just watch what happens. Your vibration will shift. Feel it… it feels so good…almost like magic is happening. You’re realising that this BLOCKAGE… this resistance that money is causing you – has been blocking you from “getting on with it”. It has been blocking you from doing even the simplest tasks you want to get done. These worries about money have been taking up your time, your focus.

You’ll feel like your blindness has lifted – you’ll begin to see things you couldn’t see before because of your resistance. You’ll realize that so much of what you want, you already have or have access to right now! 

Now here’s the big key – get those feelings first – the money will follow. Don’t worry about where it’s coming from – it’s coming – I promise you that.  

What are you waiting for? Money? Don’t wait for it… go ahead- do what you want to do to the extent that you can. What I mean by that is, you can’t go out and buy a Porche- but you can go and walk on the beach, watch the waves and feel the breeze. You can go and start that diet and fitness regime and start to work on the body you want. You can tidy and declutter your home and feel proud of yourself. You can chill out and watch a movie. Do those things.


So can you see what the major key here is? Get the feeling first, manifestation will follow. It’s really as simple as that. There is no complicated formula to this. Do all the things you’d do if you had the money (minus the spending activities!)… Believe you have sufficient money and that everything is fine. Focus on something that makes you feel the feelings you’d feel if you had it.

The feeling of the shift in vibration is almost physical – you’ll feel an elation – like a spark has been ignited and suddenly it all makes sense.

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